About Us

“Pratama Indomitra Konsultan is a member of Kreston International, a global network of independent accounting firms.”

Our History

The Pratama Indomitra Konsultan History

The history was started on March 15th, 2010 when our CEO decided to start his own tax consulting company. Our CEO, Mr. Prianto Budi S., was a former tax auditor at Directorate General of Taxes. At the beginning, we provided only professional tax services. However, later, in line with the growth of Pratama Indomitra Konsultan, we also provide another services such accounting and tax training/seminar. Also, we decided to make an affiliated business relationship with Russell Bedford for several years. And now, we are currently a member of Kreston International.


Cases completed

Doing the right thing, at the right time.

Est. 2010

Our Story

Start it small
Pratama Indomitra was founded on March 15th, 2010. The services provided during the early establishment were related only to tax, such as tax compliance service, tax diagnostic review, tax consulting service, tax assistance. Pratama Indomitra also added another service to meet the clients’ needs such as training and seminar and accounting service. Pratama Indomitra also made an affiliation with Russell Bedford International in order to reach wider clients.

Expanded the business
Realizing the needs of our clients getting wider, we expand our business. On August 9th, 2012, we added Good Corporate Governance (GCG) service as well we started to sell our line of books in taxation. The addition of those new business line made us to create new division, GCG Division and Publishing Division.

New affiliation
The addition of new business line increase the number of professionals as well as generating new clients. During this year, we ended our business relationship with Russell Bedford International and started new affiliation with Kreston International, a global network of independent accounting firms.

Transfer pricing documentation
The issuance of new regulation of Finance Minister No. 213/PMK.03/2016 dated on 30 December 2016 concerning “the types of documents and/or additional information that must be kept by Taxpayer conducting transactions with related parties, and their management procedures” gave an impact towards the tax issue. All the Taxpayers who have a special relationship and perform the related party transaction are obliged to prepare Transfer Pricing Documentation. As a tax consulting firm, this situation automatically affected the demand of our service. In 2017, we added a new division and started to provide the transfer pricing documentation service to meet our clients’ need of the service.

Our Future

Growing Fast

Pratama Indomitra Konsultan’s continuous growth is in line with the continuous growth of trust from the clients. Pratama Indomitra’s clients are from various industries such as financial, energy, business services, consumer goods, educations, constructions, agency, coal mining and trading, hotel & resorts, government banking, pharmacy, property, and many more.